Getting There ~ Website Creation

No website yet? Many small businesses and organizations struggle gaining a presence on the web. Cost and know-how are usually their main stumbling blocks. Webkeeping offers an affordable and reliable service that can get you on the web without breaking the bank.

Webkeeping is a small company specializing in small to medium web design projects. We create a professional, creative website based on your budget and keep it current without a monthly contract. In addition to setting up a site, we will walk you through securing a domain name, hosting services, and email that is all registered to you or your organization. On top of all that, we are there for you when your business grows and your website needs to grow too.

Webkeeping provides a written estimate of the time required to set up your site. Basic websites range from $800-$2,000 to depending on the number of pages, images, and functionality. Once the structure is set we will provide upkeep on you site at an hourly rate of $100 per hour, as you need it. All website pages will be reviewed with you before they are posted on the web.

Freshing Up ~ Website Redesign

Do you have an existing website that needs a new look? Webkeeping will assist you in updating the design, navigation, layout and content of your existing site. Keeping a site fresh keeps visitors coming back. At no cost, we will evaluate the content of your current site and work with you to capture the feel and look you desire. Following the evaluation, we will develop a cost estimate.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Do you have a website that needs updating but don't have the personnel or time to deal with it? With Webkeeping, you can pay as you go for changing content, adding/deleting photos, updating links, etc. We make changes for you on an as-needed basis at an hourly rate of $130 per hour. We want to work with you so you have an up-to-date website without the frustration of sorting out yourself